Working with workers’ compensation claims, unlike criminal law or family law, does not come with an hourly fee to maintain your cash flow. When you’re reliant on contingent situations, the only way to sustain your practice is to produce high-quality workers compensation leads in sufficient quantity that can generate maximum settlement values.

There are a variety of methods to find workers comp leads. Blogging, going to conferences, networking via social media, producing instructional videos and posting them to YouTube and TikTok, and most importantly engaging in local SEO legal marketing techniques are all viable strategies for finding potential customers that have been involved in work-related accidents. You also may want to consider a paid ad strategy with Google local service ads, local extension ads in the Google map pack, and advertising your law practice on Facebook.

Why workers comp leads are essential

If you already have a thriving law practice helping physically injured clients from automobile accidents or slip and falls, there are many reasons to consider supplementing your practice with workplace accident cases. According to a 2019 Bureau of Labor & Statistics study, there were 5.250 work-related injury deaths in 2018, 40% of which were caused by transportation. Following most workplace accidents, The average number of days missed because of work related injuries for adults aged 20-64 was 7.8 in 2012, according to a BLS study.  Helping injured clients obtain lost wages is not much different for an experienced attorney that already handles personal injury claims.

Why use digital marketing to increase exclusive workers compensation leads

When you’re looking for information on how a worker’s compensation claim works, it might be difficult to come by. However, if someone discovers your legal practice website through a Google search or a YouTube video, they will have access not only to what type of attorney you are but also to a wealth of additional information regarding your legal services that may persuade them to select your law practice as their lawyer a serious work-related injury. In addition, a victim of a workplace injury who is searching for an attorney in their local area via the Internet is demonstrating higher levels of attention and commitment when it comes time to hire legal counsel to litigate their workers compensation claim.

Your best bet for getting discovered online as a local workers comp attorney is to appear in the Google Map section of the SERPs

When someone searches for “workers compensation lawyer near me” or “what do I do if I’ve been injured at work?”, they’re likely to find you if you’re listed on the first page of Google, especially in the local 3 pack (map area). This is important because more than half of consumers find companies online before they ever visit a physical location. Nearly 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information according to Hubspot. Whether it’s appearing in the local service ads section or above organic results, workers compensation leads can be discovered through your website and social media profiles and through content marketing that educates potential clients.

There are many strategies to help increase your local SEO presence in Google through content marketing. In fact, a lead generation company can help you solicit guest blogging opportunities to build your backlink profile through niche edits and proper citation building that will enhance the online presence of your law firm.

Why Local SEO is important

When someone searches for “workers comp lawyer near me”, many of them intend to hire a workers compensation attorney. However, if they don’t find you in Google, they may decide to engage the services of one of your local competitors who rank just below you on the first page. When competing against other workers compensation lawyers, it’s important to make sure your law firm shows up when injured employees or families of fatal labor injuries victims are looking for an attorney in their area.

If your workers compensation firm specializes in representing workers injured on the job, then you may be able to generate workers compensation leads with Google ads. Simply create a campaign that targets a local audience who are searching for information about workers compensation cases or addicts that caused fatal labor injuries. This way, your law firm can appear when someone is researching how to file workman’s comp law firms.

YouTube & Facebook Ads Video Generate Warm Workers Compensation Leads

One of the best ways to generate legal leads is by providing free information, such as videos posted on YouTube or Facebook. For workers compensation law firms, the free videos should be of informational value to those who have been hurt on the job and need details about their legal rights and workers compensation claims. These types of workers compensation tutorials can help workers whether they’re seriously injured or seeking “workers comp lawyers near me” to file a claim.

Increase your conversions for Workers Comp leads through Lead Nurturing

Through the use of marketing automation, including email campaigns, and automatic text or Facebook messenger responses, workers compensation lawyers can generate workers compensation leads by nurturing their prospective clients through the sales funnel.

To get more prospective claimants, you must first attract them. You do this by putting out valuable information on your landing pages regarding workplace injuries, such as how to obtain medical benefits, resolve high hospital bills, and statute of limitations on their claims. These kinds of content on your website will appeal to individuals looking for answers to their legal issues who want to download your legal guide or simply fill out a form with their contact information. Other attorneys have often used this information to schedule emails designed to convert a legal prospect to a retained client.

Don’t Wait, Take Action Today To Increase Your Exclusive Leads

The workers compensation leads that you need to grow your business can be found through Google, YouTube and Facebook ads. But there are also ways of generating workers compensation leads offline-in the form of content marketing on blogs or by attending conferences and networking with other lawyers in your area. No matter where they come from, these strategies will help you generate more workers comp leads. If you want to learn more about how we’ve helped other attorneys attract new clients for their workers compensation law firms, contact us! We would love to share our expertise as a lead generation company helping law firms like yours increase conversions today. Which strategy have you used successfully? Share it below in the comments section!

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