Every law firm needs a web presence. No business can survive in this age and day by just being brick and mortar, law firms included. Having a strong online presence can help build and establish your credibility as an expert law firm. The chances are that several other attorneys offer the same service as yours. One way of standing out from this crowd is by having a well-made, easy-to-navigate website that provides quality and valuable information to readers. Online presence coupled with good marketing from a law firm marketing agency can also establish your brand and increase organic traffic. By stating clearly who you are and what you stand for, you can drastically improve your client base. If you are looking to start and grow your law firm by leveraging website and legal marketing best practices, you are in the right place. We have compiled a checklist that will help you in your journey.

Website Best Practices

For your website to work for you, you must build it with best practices in mind. These methods have been proven to improve search engine ranking, customer satisfaction, security, etc. Here is a list of website best practices.

1) Having High-Quality, Original Photos

Humans are visual creatures. Therefore, high-quality original photos help capture and retain our attention. As much as content is vital to presenting your firm’s focus, services, and other information, images help bring life to your website and help you make a great first impression. Images can also help you rank better in the search engine results. Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your law offices, the team of lawyers, and support staff. You can write a clear and concise description of the experience and expertise of each person right under the images to showcase your firm’s capabilities.

2) Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness is one of the factors search engines use to rank websites. Therefore, if your site is not optimized for smartphone screens, you may miss out on a large audience. Mobile responsiveness includes making the site’s texts readable without the need for zooming, adequate spacing for targets that require tapping, and ensuring your site has no horizontal scrolling. You should use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test found in the Google Search Console to test how easily a visitor can navigate your site on a mobile phone.

3) Web Hosting and Security

Speed and safety matter a great deal when it comes to websites. If your website is slow, visitors will close it before it fully opens or may avoid it altogether in case it appears in their search result. This will cause search engines to penalize your site, affecting its ranking. You should choose your web host wisely to avoid this scenario. To see how fast your page loads, use the Website Page Speed Test that Google offers. Furthermore, ensure your site uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) so that visitors can connect to your website securely.

4) Utilize Good Calls to Action

A call to action (CTA) is an appeal to your site’s users, inviting them to take a desired action. CTAs are important because they can motivate your sales funnels. Thus, instead of your site visitors wondering how to proceed, CTAs will guide them through the buying process. There are several CTAs you can use on your website. They include a clickable office phone number and business email, forms, sharing CTA to prompt visitors to share your content across social media, email signups so visitors can get information updates, service/product discovery CTA to lead visitors to other products or service your law firm offers, and invitational CTA to prompt visitors to follow your firm on social media.

5) Utilize Lead Bots on Your Site

Lead bots are chatbots that are set specifically to interact with visitors in a conversational manner. They can collect clients’ contact information and qualify leads automatically. You can also utilize these bots for scheduling appointments when your team is not available. Chat BOT softwares, such as Manychat can have a steep learning curve, so it’s better to hire an agency with proven experience in incorporating chatbots on websites.

The growth of your firm won’t just happen automatically. You have to market it well. The key to this is Local Search Engine Optimization and content marketing. Here is how you can do this.

i) Have a Google Business Profile (Google My Business)

Google Business Profile is a free business listing that allows you to provide details about your business such as location, services, products, opening/close time, etc. It is an excellent way of increasing the visibility of your business as your business will appear in Google other products such as Search, Maps, and Shopping. A business profile can also help you in your SEO efforts. To get the most out of Google My Business, you should complete the profile with full and accurate information, verify your location, add actual images of your business, and include keywords in the profile. You should ensure that the name of your business, address, and contact information are the same across all other business listings.

ii) Local SEO

 Approximately half of Google queries are local searches, and this is why you should focus on optimizing local SEO. To achieve this, you can use hyperlocal content on your site e.g. personal injury lawyer in {City State}. You can also use keywords that have ‘near me” on them e.g. business lawyer near me.

iii) Local Business Listing

For maximum local visibility, you should set up profiles in local business listings such as FindLaw, LegalZoom, HG.org, Lawyer.com, AVVO, etc.

Digital marketing can help grow your law firm. By leveraging the best website and legal marketing practices, you will get increased customer satisfaction, better sales funnels, and a higher ranking on search engine results. When you are ready to take charge of your firm’s growth, why don’t you let Legal Marketing Strategy Pros handle your digital marketing? We have years of proven experience as marketers for attorneys. We tailor our services according to your needs since we understand that different firms have different goals. To get started, visit our website at https://legalmarketingstrategy.com/.

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