Every business, including the most successful law firms, relies on attracting prospective clients to survive and grow. Often, law firms turn to pay-per-click (PPC) or Facebook advertising to generate new leads. However, in today’s increasingly digital world, one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness and attract new clients is through boosting your organic ranking in search engines.

Organic ranking describes the process through which search engines such as Google or Bing select websites when indexing, or ordering, search results. Ranking high in search engines is essential for increased web traffic and lead generation for law firms, and SEO for lawyers is one of the most effective ways to achieve those results.

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Below, we’ll discuss what SEO is, why it’s essential for lawyers, and how it benefits legal professionals. To learn more about our services and get ahead of the curve, request our free lawyer marketing guide or book a call today.

What is SEO for lawyers?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a set of practices designed to boost the appearance, accessibility, relevance, and function of a website to achieve the highest organic search ranking possible.

In years past, SEO involved little more than keyword stuffing. Today, search engine algorithms are complex and incorporate many elements to determine rankings for specific searches. This algorithmic improvement means that SEO for websites takes planning, knowledge, and skill.

Algorithmic Structure For Search

To get high rankings, all businesses, including law firms, must design their websites with their customers’ needs in mind. Law firms should structure each page to discuss and address the actual needs of real clients, ensuring that content is relevant, readable, and engaging. 

Why is SEO for Lawyers Important?

You’ve heard us mention lead generation as one of the main reasons that lawyers and law firms should incorporate SEO into their online marketing strategies. Well-designed, well-written web copy improves traffic, but lead generation is only part of the big picture. SEO offers several other benefits, as follows.

1. Your Competitors Are Using It

Legal defense and offense are two parts of one extremely competitive field. Similarly, SEO offers an offensive and defensive boost for your company. Simply put, your competitors are trying to attract clients, too, and they’re likely using SEO to get it done.

2. SEO Gets Results

The reason successful law firms adopt quality digital SEO strategies is clear: it works. Studies suggest that the first five organic search results count for more than 60% of all clicks on Google.

A well-crafted SEO campaign is any law firm’s best shot at reaching one of those top five spots. These campaigns often focus on local SEO, which improves results for “near me” searches and makes it easier for your ideal clients to find your firm.

3. It Creates Better Content

Because search engine algorithms have advanced over the years, today’s SEO copywriting looks much different than its predecessor.

Today’s content must be streamlined and relevant but also readable and interesting. The language should have a conversational feel to appeal to audiences from different walks of life and achieve an engaging tone without sacrificing relevant information or keywords.

4. It Promotes Natural Brand Growth and Awareness

Great SEO boosts a law firm’s organic rankings and click-through rates. In turn, this increases public awareness of the firm’s services, staff, location, and more. Improved public awareness then keeps organic search rankings high, which continues the cycle.

5. Good SEO Improves Your Firm’s Credibility

One of the cornerstones of modern SEO for lawyers and law firms is reviews. Any great legal expert or team can let their clients speak for them, providing glowing testimonials that encourage other prospective clients to consult with their firm and retain their services.

SEO for law firms incorporates client reviews directly onto the website, ensuring open visibility to any new visitor.

6. SEO Improves Client and Firm Interactions

SEO hinges on understanding its target audiences. Clients seeking legal help want to feel like their lawyers thoroughly understand them, their situations, and the relevant legal field.

While long paragraphs of complicated legal jargon demonstrate knowledge, a well-crafted landing page featuring SEO best practices tells the readers what they need to know without losing their attention or using complex terminology.

Get Expert SEO Strategy and Law Firm Marketing

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