SEO for lawyers is a powerful modern marketing strategy that attracts potential clients to law firms.

According to the Search Engine Journal, over 90% of web pages get no traffic from organic searches because they are not visible enough. Furthermore, one out of every three Google searches includes a geographic location.

Thus, SEO is essential to standing out when a potential client searches for legal advice. However, building adequate SEO to get your firm on Google’s front page takes time. Keep reading to find out more about how long lawyer SEO takes to rank.

The Power of Organic Searches

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves a website’s searchability, thus increasing the quality and quantity of users browsing said site.

According to the National Law Review, 95% of Google users do not click on the second search page. Furthermore, 25% of Google searches end with the user calling one of the first three companies that appear in their results.

Organic searches are powerful. Nearly all consumers using search engines have an end goal, namely, to pay for a good or service that solves their problem. It is essential to use SEO for lawyers to make sure that your firm stands out from the crowd.

Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Lawyer SEO

Ultimately, SEO is an investment that takes time to build. SEO will not provide a quick and immediate payoff but is worth it in the long run.

On average, it takes three to six months for SEO to work as a legal marketing strategy. Gaining more consistent clients from SEO should pick up around a year of work. After two years of building a consistent SEO profile, your firm should see several new cases a month.

Some factors to consider when estimating how long SEO will take are:

  • Competition: The bigger the area, the more SEO competition you will have. Sometimes it is better to aim to rank #1 for a smaller category of cases, such as motorcycle accidents instead of personal injury cases, as your website is more likely to show up in large metropolitan areas.
  • Domain Age: Google tends to rank older, authoritative sites higher because they have established a trustworthy presence online. Creating content for your blog and building your sitemap legitimizes your website, thus increasing trust. Younger domains have less content and thus less credibility.
  • Tactics: Some strategies to build a robust SEO profile include technical SEO, keyword optimization, Google My Business, and link building. The more high-quality content that your site produces, the better. SEO firms that specialize in law are the best choice, as they are aware of how to market law firms without scrutiny from the bar association.

Looking for a Legal Marketing Firm?

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