SEO content for lawyers doesn’t have to be complicated. Every law firm needs a website to thrive in the modern world, and search engine optimization is just one small part of building an exciting and accessible platform. Great copy is one of the best ways to draw visitors to your firm’s website and book clients, but is there one strategy that catapults professional law firms to the top of the search results?

The team at Legal Marketing Strategy Pros covers what you need to know about SEO below.

Is SEO Important for Law Firms?

If you consider that nearly 90% of all internet users use search engines to find local businesses and services, SEO is pivotal to your success. Lawyers and law firms now heavily rely on traffic from search engines to find clients and cases. If the site is not optimized, they lose out on daily opportunities.

SEO optimization provides higher search engine rankings, making the firm’s name climb on page rankings so that potential clients are more likely to see your services. However, SEO content strategy efforts for law firms also face additional challenges compared to other industries. For instance, advertising and marketing legal services fall under strict laws that prevent misleading claims and factual inaccuracies.

Violating the rules around marketing is not an option if law firms want to avoid significant financial penalties and even disciplinary action under the State Bar. Talented SEO agencies like Legal Marketing Strategy Pros work with law firms to clearly and succinctly explain legal concepts and services to non-specialized audiences. We also excel in translating legal jargon into readable, SEO-friendly text.

How to Create SEO Content for Lawyers

Our professionals specialize in legal advertising and understand the various regulations governing legal marketing. We can show you how to connect audience search queries to meaningful, informative content that might expand your clientele. Unsurprisingly, SEO agencies like us use several strategies to create great SEO content for lawyers.

One of our most helpful strategies is to create informative, high-quality content relating to legal topics your target audience would search for online. For instance, a personal injury firm could write blog posts relating to personal injury law, negligence, or civil damages.

Another method of creating high-ranking SEO content involves inbound and outbound links. The algorithm accounts for both types of links, with well-written and relevant content on live links ranking better on results pages. Law firm websites that integrate multiple inbound and outbound links appear more “reliable” to this algorithm for higher rankings.

Our SEO agency also uses several other tools to optimize legal content. For example, we like Google’s new “helpful content” update that prioritizes websites offering answers to common questions. This is an excellent new avenue to quickly improve website search results.

Ahrefs Graph Of Seo Performance

Optimizing Law Firm Websites for SEO

Great legal services don’t matter without new clients. The Internet is where people search for information and local services, and a marketing strategy needs to reflect that trend. 

Below, we include some tips for optimizing your law firm’s site content and layout for search engine rankings:

  • Upload an XML sitemap. Your XML sitemap lists all website pages so the Google algorithm can easily identify them and find relevant pages on your site.
  • Optimize tags and meta descriptions. Title tags and meta descriptions are two ways that search engines measure web content. The algorithm likes structured titles and headings with relevant keywords and phrases.
  • Leverage social media. Social media platforms powerfully connect local audiences with websites and content. It also offers a flexible platform on which to spread SEO content. 

Tracking SEO Efforts

Part of SEO for lawyers is effectively tracking results. Legal marketing agencies use metrics to identify and finetune successful content to further improve results. These SEO tracking tools allow you to measure increases or downward trends in the following: 

  • Search engine hits
  • Page visits
  • Shares and other activities on social media 

SEO takes continual effort and involves regular site and content updates. Websites need to periodically update old content and produce new content to maintain high search rankings. That’s why a dedicated legal advertising firm can be such a great help with your legal firm’s marketing efforts.

Proven SEO Content Strategy for Lawyers

Legal Marketing Strategy Pros provides top-quality legal marketing services, with over 15 years of experience helping law offices find prospective clients through:

  • Organic searches
  • Paid advertisements
  • High-ranking SEO content and more

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