How Digital Marketing Helps Personal Injury Attorneys Generate New Clients

Digital Marketing Results Of A Persona Injury Attorneys Website

The world is more and more digital. Consumers are spending more and more time online on their computers, tablets, and phones. This means that many potential legal clients will first find out about your law firm from the internet rather than a traditional advertising medium such as TV or print ads—and this has huge implications for personal injury attorneys! Why? Well, because as we all know, people evaluate products (including lawyers) based largely on what they see online before contacting them. And if you’re not doing anything to stand out in cyberspace, then you could be missing potential clients who never even heard of your law firm until they searched for an attorney on Google or YouTube. So how can personal injury attorneys use digital marketing to get ahead?

Here are a few examples of personal injury cases that were helped by digital marketing:

A man was at a gas station pumping his own gas when he slipped and fell on the ground between the pumps. His leg then got stuck under his car as it began to roll forward, severely injuring his leg. He reached out for help from local personal injury attorneys. After doing extensive Google research, he called a personal injury attorney who had several videos online demonstrating their knowledge about injuries at gas stations. The client made his decision to contact the PI lawyer due to a combination of a great YouTube video, along with the reviews on the attorney’s Google my Business listing.

A woman was walking down the street when she suddenly tripped and fell on a large crack in the sidewalk. She broke her ankle as a result of the fall and ended up suing the city for personal injury. After getting several no-fault personal injury settlements from the city through her own negotiation, she used Google Maps to find out more about personal injury attorneys near her, who could help with her case, and she called an attorney whose Google listing had multiple great reviews online.

A teenager was driving his car and was hit by a more experienced driver. Because he was young, the teen thought he might be at fault, so he did not even want to file a claim with his insurance. However, while scrolling through his Instagram feed, he saw a personal injury attorney posting videos on the legal process and claiming that if you are hit by someone, you may deserve compensation. The video linked to a very clear infographic that showed a list of legal rights. He was immediately convinced to hire this attorney to help him after seeing how personal injury attorneys can use social media to market themselves online.

A Win-Win for Personal Injury Attorneys and Clients alike

These personal injury cases turned out well for the clients because they found personal injury lawyers who were able to demonstrate their competence in digital marketing—a skill that will only become more important as time goes on! So what can personal injury attorneys do right now? check out the Legal Marketing Strategy blog for specific marketing ideas to benefit a personal injury practice.

The complete digital marketing strategy and process.

Check out the infographic below that lays out our full digital marketing strategy for personal injury attorneys.  If you would like more information, you can also download our free legal marketing checklist today.

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