Finding new leads for personal injury attorneys is a daunting task. Especially when you compare that to generating leads for other law sectors such as divorce attorneys, bankruptcy law, criminal defense or even wills and estates. Without the right strategy, the cost to create high quality personal injury attorney leads can reach as high as thousands of dollars to generate one new client for your practice.

With various methods for generating high-quality leads for your practice, it is essential to determine how urgently you need them to determine the best course of action to take. Having a goal to reach in a specified time can determine how much money, effort, and other resources are necessary to obtain the goal you have set. However, you can increase the leads for your law practice for both the long and short term with the following proven methods.

How Do You Generate Personal Injury Attorney Leads?

When engaging in a search campaign to generate more leads, a law firm must adjust its strategies so that proper metrics and data collection can occur. For example, for medium to large-sized law firms, it is estimated by industry professionals that 80% to 90% of your marketing budget be spent on measurable advertising campaigns. This allows for a cost-per-lead data point that helps determine the return on investment on a per-dollar basis.

Digital Marketing Results Of A Persona Injury Attorneys Website

Traditional channels exist to generate leads, such as television, radio, billboards, or print ads, and these advertising techniques have a proven track record of generating leads for personal injury attorneys. However, these methods become expensive if funds are not invested through proper channels or directed to the appropriate audience.

Television and radio commericials, for example, have been the pinnacle marketplace for personal injury attorneys in the past. However, with the growing influence of the internet, this method has seen a decrease in its effectiveness due to the fluctuations in viewership and the availability of time slots to reach potential clients. Additionally, the results vary greatly depending on the time of day, broadcaster, and seasonality without a large enough marketing budget for these ad campaigns.

Billboards have been another traditional method for generating personal injury leads that have a proven success record. However, this lead generation method is expensive and has become decreasingly effective as individuals tend to look at their phones while stopped at an intersection where a billboard may reside. This reason is why choosing to advertise using billboards needs significant attention to detail and location to be most effective.

Cost To Acquire A New Law Firm Lead

Why Google My Business Is So Important for Local Lawyers

Google My Business is a function of the Google search engine that allows businesses to upload and highlight their contact information. When individuals search for their services, they appear in the results. By simply listing the business name, contact info, and location, the Google algorithm will display the business in the search ranks based on the local SEO language it uses.

This free and easy-to-use function of Google is essential to generate new personal injury attorney leads. When potential clients use this function to find your legal services, they encounter your law firm’s name, as well as a direct link to your website that provides more information on your particular expertise. This connects these potential clients directly to your contact information and location, and reviews, thus creating and receiving the lead.

Understanding how Google Analytics works is vital to ensure your online marketing plan reaches its full potential. While difficult to understand, industry experts state that the Google My Business listing needs to contain SEO terms that focus on relevance, location, and authority to achieve the best ranking in Google searches. Maximizing these terms will increase your Google search rank.

It is imperative that law firms maximize their Google ads for lawyers. Performing this feat is accomplished most easily by adding ad extensions to existing Google My Business law firm listings. These ad extensions allow potential clients the ability to interact directly with your business service page from the search result. For example, if a potential client searches for “slip and fall,” your Google page listing will appear above the organic results,  with an option to contact your law firm directly.

Additionally, using local ad extensions for your law firm’s Google ads provides the ability to include more specific information that makes your ad more visible to potential clients. This visibility, in turn, translates into more clicks, which is ultimately a greater return on investment for your law firm’s marketing campaign.

Pay Attention to KPI Metrics

When you’re running a Google Ads campaign for lawyers, it’s important to pay attention to your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) metrics. These metrics can tell you how well your search campaign is doing and help you make necessary adjustments. Some of the most important KPIs are Click-through rate (CTR) and Cost per click (CPC).

Click-through rate is a good indicator of how relevant your ad and keywords are to potential clients searching for a personal injury attorney. If your CTR is high, it probably means that your ad matches what people are searching for and they want to learn more about it. That means you should consider lowering or pausing some of your less effective ads or keywords.

Conversely, if your CTR is low, it means that your ad may not be as relevant to potential clients and you should consider changing it or adding more relevant keywords. Google also takes into account your CTR, and the higher it is, the more Google will show your ad.

Cost per click is another important metric to watch. This tells you how much you’re spending on each click-through to your site. If cost per click is high, it may be because your budget is too low or the keywords you’re targeting are too expensive. Conversely, if the cost per click is low, it may be because you’re not targeting the right keywords or your budget is too high.

Keeping an eye on these two KPIs will help you make sure your Google Ads campaign is as successful as possible.

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