Digital Marketing for Estate Planning Attorneys

Estate Planning Lawyer Working On A Laptop

You’ve put countless days and nights into creating your estate planning practice. Now, it’s time to put that same effort and thought into marketing your estate planning law firm.

Just as you put lots of attention and time into your law firm’s conception, you’ll also want to provide same level of consideration for your legal marketing strategy. A dependable digital marketing strategy is the first method to improve your firm’s success.

Traditional marketing for estate planning attorneys, like print ads and billboards, is no longer the most effective option. Today, it’s time to switch up your marketing strategy and go digital to bring in more prospective clients for your estate planning practice.

At Legal Marketing Strategy Pros, we specialize in marketing strategies for law firms. Since digital marketing for estate planning attorneys is a complex subject, we know that reaching your potential audience isn’t always a straightforward process. With some experienced guidance, however, you can make this marketing transition.

Trust Other Professionals

While you’re well versed in estate planning and the laws that surround it, our team at Legal Marketing Strategy Pros is ready to handle managing and increasing your estate planning leads.

With extensive experience in law firm marketing, our team of pros has both law and marketing experience, so we know both areas like the back of our hands. In fact, our founder and chief SEO strategist has been a licensed practicing attorney since 2006.

Widen Your Marketing Strategies For Wills & Trusts

One of the central techniques in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This optimization process will enable your law firm to rank high in search engine results pages of popular search engines like Google, and appear in the map area for near me searches.

Check off every box by letting our pros create a marketing strategy that encompasses several digital marketing tools, including deploying SEO for estate planning lawyers. You should note that SEO is an extremely helpful tool for legal marketing. Statistics report that 80% of searches with high SEO ranking leads to mobile conversions on a well optimized landing page.

Landing Page For Estate Planning Lawyer

Take Advantage of Social Media & Build Trust

In addition to SEO marketing tools that will increase your visibility on search engines, it’s also wise to create an estate planning digital advertisement plan and budget. Our team at Legal Marketing Pros will make tasteful choices as we create your advertisements on Facebook, YouTube, and other social platforms like LinkedIn.

We will also work with you to fine-tune your target demographics so that your ads for lawyers will reach exactly whom they need to reach. This way, you’ll touch a focused audience of social media users who are potential clients looking to protect their assets. You can target by age, income level, educational level, job title, and other key demographic factors.

Plus, allowing our marketing team to build up your social presence will also give you free analytical tools. Other marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Facebook Meta will report what time of day your site is most viewed as well as your demographics. All of this info is at your fingertips, but you need to know what to do with it.

That’s where a talented team of digital marketers becomes handy, as we’ll determine how to best use and leverage your social media accounts for optimized marketing.

You need to be using a variety of digital marketing tactics to promote your law firm successfully.

Marketing for estate planning attorneys is critical to your firm’s success in the 21st century. Be sure to get in touch with our team at Legal Marketing Strategy Pros to ensure that your marketing strategy is working smarter and harder to bring in new estate-planning clients.