Local SEO for Lawyers

With 70% of local searches using the query, “near me”, your law firm needs to get ranked for them. Local SEO for lawyers is the best way to do that because Google emphasizes on where you’re located and who you serve.

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Utilizing local SEO for lawyers is a surefire way to promote your brand and reach a wider audience. Cultivating an engaging web presence is a mandatory part of growing your law firm in the modern era. Failure to do so will only hold you back, allowing your competitors to edge past you.

Optimized SEO for law firms will allow your firm to start appearing higher in Google searches, allowing thousands of potential clients to find your site when they need your legal services the most.

Curious about the best way to use SEO to bring your law firm into the 21st century? Reach out to our friendly team at Legal Marketing Strategy Pros today for help crafting your online presence. We offer SEO for lawyers that will put you back on the map.

Law Firm Local SEO

Failing to specify a category is one of the most common search engine optimiaton faux pas. If your law firm deals with personal injury law, you need to market yourself as a “personal injury firm” rather than just a “law firm.”  You can accomplish this to some degree with your site’s title tag—your headline on Google. Make sure the title tag is brief and descriptive, detailing your services in less than 60 characters if possible.

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Factors Influencing Local SEO For Lawyers

Google uses a specific list of categories to rank local law firms in search results. The primary ranking factors include prominence, distance, and relevance.

  • Prominence refers to how well known your law firm is. If your law firm is well known offline—for example, if you have multiple locations and a long-standing reputation—Google will try to reflect that in search results. Likewise, prominence derives from how many other articles and references exist online linking back to your site.Of course, standard SEO rules apply, as the better optimized your site is, the more likely people will see you. Litter the web with blog post references and external links, and you will be well on your way to greater reach.
  • Distance measures how far you are from searchers. Most people search with location services on, meaning anyone looking for a law firm in the general location will see yours at the top of the list—if your local SEO is on-point and Google knows where you are.
  • Relevance relates to how well a local Business Profile lines up with what someone has searched. Adding thorough business information about your firm will allow Google to understand your business better, matching you to relevant searches.

Playing toward all these factors is an easy way to increase your search traffic drastically. Reach out to our experts at Legal Marketing Strategy Pros for a consultation session to get started!

Google My Business Optimization

The easiest way to increase your Google My Business (GMB) is by interacting with customer reviews and testimonials. When you reply to a review, it humanizes your firm, making it look responsive. This point is especially true for SEO for lawyers, as law firms can easily appear dry and impersonal.

Additionally, reviews double as content. If someone mentions critical words like “law firm” or “attorney,” that can improve your GMB page’s ranking. Likewise, responding to a review notifies the review leaver, keeping you in front of their mind whenever they look for legal help again.

Content Marketing

Content marketing takes all shapes and sizes, and knowing how to use SEO for lawyers can catapult your firm to the top of any local search. If you need help developing a comprehensive marketing plan, contact our specialists at Legal Marketing Strategy Pros today. Our experts can design a custom strategy that will get your firm moving in the right direction.

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