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Legal Marketing Strategy Pros is the leading provider of online reputation management and review services for lawyers.

Nowadays, clients are talking about their experience with attorneys online. Whether it’s on Yelp or even worse – Avvo (the lawyer rating website), you can find countless reviews from satisfied customers that talk positively regarding the service they received at your law firm! And if these word-of-mouth recommendations aren’t enough for potential new legal prospects, then there’s always Google Business Profiles where everyone has an opportunity to publish testimonials giving them more credibility than any advertisement could ever provide alone.

The Internet has become an invaluable resource for finding information about anything one might need, from the best running shoes to a good bankruptcy lawyer. People are now able not only depend on their friends’ recommendations but also read reviews left by former customers online and across different platforms such as Google Local Listings & Facebook fan pages where they can share feedback with others who use these same services or products


We help law firms protect their online reputation and build a positive web presence.

There are many ways legal marketing strategy pros can help increase the trust between your law firm and potential clients using reputation management strategies such as: verifying online listings to strengthen search rank, staying in touch with email alerts or weekly executive reports that keep you up-to date on what’s going viral across social media sites like Facebook & Yelp (among others), getting automatic updates when someone mentions either their own name plus any keywords related directly back at them via retweets; these features make sure no stone goes unturned when building relationships!

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