The Best Legal Marketing Strategies for Law Firms and Lawyers

Just like not all lawyers are created equal, the same can be said for law firm marketing agencies

Law Firm Marketing Process For Lawyers
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Best Practices in Legal Marketing

Regardless of your marketing budget, your law firm needs to devote ample resources to internet marketing. In the digital age, ignoring the Internet market just isn’t an option—but establishing your law firm as a local authority both online and off takes more than just throwing funds at paid ads.

Effective law firm marketing relies on a multi-faceted approach balancing crucial factors like search engine optimization (SEO), social media presence, thoughtful website design, and much more.

At Legal Marketing Strategy Pros, we’ve mastered the art of marketing law firms online. We’ve created a sure-fire system to take your firm’s legal services to the next level. Reach out to our friendly experts today, and we’ll get started creating an omnipresent marketing strategy that will set you on the right path toward cultivating rapid business growth.

Online Marketing for Lawyers

When thinking of a comprehensive law firm marketing strategy, covering all your bases is key. While crafting a stellar website is half the battle, you’ll also need to craft well-optimized blog posts with links to your service pages. These external sources will double as search results whenever someone is looking for a law firm like yours.

Email marketing works well, but omnipresent marketing goes beyond that. You should have an intricate site and an established, active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites. Facebook ads are the modern-day equivalent to billboards—every firm should be cemented on Facebook if they want to make a real impact.

You’ll need to create Facebook conversion ads as well as a homepage for your firm. Ensure that these links bring visitors to the right page and not just your main site too. For example, if a linked headline is about personal injury law, that’s what someone clicking will be expecting.

Local SEO

Next, optimize for local SEO. Focus on keywords and terms that speak to people in your immediate local area. Often, playing toward SEO involves using city/state names so people’s searches in those areas will hit your firm. Google Maps adjusts to reflect businesses near where people are searching, so making sure Google knows where your firm is located is vital.

Google Ads can also allow you to proactively catch searches for law firms even before they become more specific. You want even the most minor search term to hit your site, as it means more prospective clients are directed to you before they even realize what legal services they need. As always, make sure your keywords are relevant to the services you offer, and you should start seeing new customers pouring in.

The more prominent your law firm is online, the more likely Google is to rank your website well. But it’s best to be proactive about SEO, mainly accounting for distance (between your firm and a potential client) and relevance, as these are major factors in Google’s algorithm.

Websites Built to Convert

Our experts at Legal Marketing Strategy Pros are here if you need someone to revamp your law firm marketing strategy. Whether you have a dedicated SEO marketing team or not, we can step in to get you headed in the right direction. Call us today to learn more about Google Ads, Facebook, and generalized marketing strategies for law firms.

About Our Founder

Our agency’s founder and SEO strategist, Michael Goldstein is a lawyer who put himself through lawschool running a nationally known web design comapny.  He spent 15 years splititng his time between bankrutpcy law and internet marketing before turing his attention back to his true love full-tiem as a digital marketer. He is the perfect choice to build your law firm’s internet marketing, as he spent over a decade running a profitable bankruptcy law practice. He knows better than any other digital marketer, what you are looking for, as he too realized, it’s not about getting more leads, but it’s about getting the types of cases you want to bring into your law firm.

Michael really knows his stuff as is evidenced by that fact that he is also an accomplished published author with two books under his belt on the subject of digital strategies including how to get ranked in the Google Maps and how to turn Facebook into a digital billboard for your firm.

Client Testimonials

Michael and his team at Legal Marketing Strategy Pros are true experts in their field and I highly recommend them for any of your digital marketing needs and most especially if you’re in the legal industry anywhere in the USA or Canada! If your current marketing provider isn’t cutting it, I would run, not walk, to Michael and his team.

Lane Houk


“Mike and his team got us in the local 3 pack for Greenbelt Bankruptcy Attorneys”

Jill Phillips, Managing Member, Phillips Law Offices, LLC

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