Why do lawyers need a digital marketing plan and will this really increae your law firm leads? I’m sure you’ve been asking yourself this question lately. After all, there are so many options, and not knowing which ones will give your practice the best return on investment (ROI). Don’t worry! As someone with experience in bankruptcy law as well as online marketing for nearly 20 years now, I know what works when creating an effective legal marketing strategy that is tailored to generate qualified law firm leads.  This blog will discuss the top tips that I used to generate law firm leads for my practice since 2006.

There are certain basic pieces to the marketing pie you must have to create a complete online presence. In addition to your website, you need to have a build-out Google my Business profile and a few social media profiles including a Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

How can you use social media to promote your law firm?

Use your law firm’s Facebook page to introduce yourself and your law firm to a wide audience in your local area. Most law firms have a Facebook Page these days, but they don’t typically take advantage of it the right way. It is important for law firms to brand themselves on social media so that their target audience knows who they are and what they do immediately when they see their law firm name or law firm logo. On your law firm’s Facebook page, tell people what you do, what legal advice that people can seek from you, and relevant articles about your practice area to help people with legal problems they might have. Also, respond to questions posted on your law firm Facebook Page so that people know how responsive you are to questions.

Use your law firm’s YouTube Channel to explain how people can hire you to represent them for their bankruptcy, slip and fall accident, divorce or whatever area of the law you serve. Post videos that are brief and to the point, giving viewers insight into what you do, how it can benefit them, and who you’re looking for in terms of clientele. People want lawyers that they know, like, and trust. Posting videos on YouTube is a great way to establish your credibility as an expert in the field of law that you serve.

Why using video as part of your online marketing strategy is an excellent idea to boost law firm leads

Video is a powerful investment – according to HubSpot, including video on your landing page can increase conversions by over 80%. Watching an entertaining presenter in the form of a Youtube or Vimeo channel will influence buying behavior and help convert visitors into law firm leads! The right emotions conveyed through these videos are not only persuasive but may also serve as tutorials if you want them to.

Tips on how to use SEO for legal marketing

You can make sure you’re showing up as a local lawyer to prospective clients by following these tips: first, create an optimized Google My Business (GMB) profile for your area of specialty and then optimize it with directories that are relevant to either your niche or geographic location such as YP.com, which will help get visibility and send important authority signals to Google; also include links from forums or blogs where experts could share their thoughts on legal matters- this will help increase your authority and trust factors; A secrete tip is to go to Google maps, and create 10 – 20 custom maps with driving directions from various points of interest in your local area to your law office, and then embed those maps in Web 2.0 and Wiki sites.

When you incorporate the above steps to your local SEO strategy you will see significant gains in GMB (Google Map) impressions as in the chart below from one of our clients.

Law Firm Leads From Google My Business

Another great way to increase your visibility on Google is to ensure your profile is complete and you have indicated, your GMB category, service area, uploaded geotagged images, and actively post to your profile.

If someone has a legal problem in your local area, what will they see when performing search queries for law firms in their area? Hopefully, they will find that your law firm is within their local area and that it has good reviews, a phone number and a link to your website.

The importance of having a website that reflects your law firm’s values and principles

Once someone talks to you they may choose you for their law case, but if they can’t find your law firm online or on Google then that is a problem. Why have a law firm website if it doesn’t accurately portray who you are as a law firm?

What type of law cases do you specialize in and what are the best law firm leads for you? Do you only work with seniors with bankruptcy problems, or do you handle divorce and child custody law as well? Whatever type of law practice area that you have needs to be represented on your law firm’s website so people know what types of legal services your law firm offers. In addition, the right keywords should also be included on your law firm website so that people can find your law firm online via search engine queries like “best law firms in [your law firm’s local area]” or “bankruptcy law attorney near me” for example.

How you can increase web traffic with blogs and podcasts

It is much easier to generate interest in your legal practice if you are the best-known lawyer in your local area for your legal specialty. In order to become the authority online, the best vehicle to achieve this goal are blogs and podcasts. These law firm marketing strategies allow you to establish your authority in your law practice area.

The best way to increase web traffic is with blog posts that rank on search engine queries. Blogging can also help give your law practice a voice and an identity that will further support your law marketing efforts with social media campaigns. After blogging, podcasts are one of my favorite law firm marketing tools because it creates authenticity for potential clients who watch videos of real lawyers talking about legal issues or relevant news stories from a podcast website player or iTunes. Podcasts can even be directly embedded onto a law firm’s website which can extend a person’s time on your site, which is one of the metrics Google uses to rank you for keyword searches.

The best way to use podcasts to drive law firm leads is by interviewing legal experts for their legal opinion on newsworthy legal issues or current events, and then asking those same experts if they wouldn’t mind adding a link to their social media pointing to the podcast episode. By doing this, you’ll be able to expand your backlink profile and increase web traffic.


To learn more about how digital marketing can drive more quality leads to your firm, schedule a discovery call with Attorney Goldstein today.

Attorney Michael Goldstein