If you’re on Google searching for a local attorney near me, you can expect to find not the best local law firm, but rather the one that understands how to optimize for a Google search the best.

Clients starting a lawyer search Need an Attorney Right Away For Their Legal Issues

Generally, a potential client has legal needs to find the right lawyer urgently. Often someone may be facing criminal charges or have a foreclosure coming up and needs to find a business law attorney for an emergency filing. When someone is in need of these type of urgent legal services, they will turn to Google and select an attorney found in either the Google map results area or one that appears above that on the SERPs from a Google local services ad. They often don’t even bother to type in their legal issue, but rather just for “lawyer nearby” or “attorney near me”.

Google Search For Debt Relief Lawyer

How to Rank for “Attorneys Near Me” Searches

Most lawyers want to be known as one of the top rated attorneys in their local area. However, what they need to remember is that prior to hiring a law firm, a legal lead wants to read attorney reviews found in search engines or other review sites. Google knows this, and for this reason, one of most important things an attorney can do is cultivate their online reputation. This means not only making sure your site looks good but also having all client interactions rated 5 stars on Google reviews so you build up credibility with potential future customers who might be researching what law firm they should go through for help.

A five-star rating probably sounds like gold these days thanks in large part due its value among online consumers. If fact, over 90% of people looking for legal services check them before contacting a lawyer online, which speaks volumes about the value of local reviews.

Add FAQs to your GMB Profile

If you can answer commonly asked questions to help a prospective client determine if your experience with the local laws and the local courts. This can be done in a couple of ways. Some of the questions that people want to know about while trying to find a lawyer relate to your fee agreement. More specifically, are your fee structure and hourly rates or whether you accept cases on contingency fee agreements or a flat fee. Another common Q&A is whether you offer free consultations.

Completely fill out the requested business information in your Google Busines profile

There are certain things you can add to your Google Business profile that will help Google understand your relevancy as an attorney. For example, you want to select a primary category, which might be divorce lawyer, criminal defense lawyer, car accident lawyer, or bankruptcy lawyer. What ever your legal services are, you want to list that out. There is also an area for a short business description where you can list out what law school you attended, what type of law your practice and in which court. This is another area to list your hourly rate as well. The key is to ensure you write about how you represent clients, if you have multiple attorneys in your law office and anything else that you think someone may want to know before making a hiring decision.

Optimize your attorney location page on your business website

Search engines will look beyond just your Google Business Profile, but also at your attorney website. Specifically, the web page connected to your GBP that identifies the legal services and location of your business. A few things you can do on this page to better optimize it, is to list popular cities nearby where there is a court you practice in. There should also be proper and consistent contact information, such as your name, address and phone number. You should also add in bulleted list of legal matters your typically handle, and link each of those to their own respective page. For example, if you handle criminal cases, you might want to have a list of DUI, Assault, larceny. You may also want to have a link to any criminal case that was written up in a legal directory.

Gbp Information To Add

Optimize photos for location-based searches

Not only text and links are important to optimize for search engines, but also the media you use on your site should be SEO compliant. An image of each attorney in your law firm should be used. The image should have a file name that of [attorney name-lawyer]. You should also add an alt-tag with the [attorney name-lawyer] which sends additional signals to Google.

List yourself in third party attorney directories

There are many websites that will list out a reputable attorney in its database. Some of these sites include, avvo.com, justia.com and findlaw.com among others. They will list a lawyers background, rate their legal service and provide testimonials from past clients who which to review the lawyer. Most importantly, these listings often have a link back to both your law firm website and embed your Google map. These types of links to your site, are called citations. These citations send relevant signals to Google about your law firm.


Get geographically-relevant backlinks

One of the most important aspects to ranking higher in attorney related search is earning links from websites that are geographically relevant to your business. These links could come from city or county web pages, bar associations or even other lawyer websites. The more backlinks you can acquire with a geographical relevance, the better it will be for your attorney website’s ranking.

Legal Marketing Strategy is ongoing

Keep in mind that optimizing your lawyer’s website for local searches isn’t a one-time event. It requires ongoing effort and regular updates. By following the tips above, you can give your attorney website the best chance to rank higher in those localized searches.