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In the modern era, nearly everyone is connected via the internet, even more so by social media sites like Facebook. That’s why it’s crucial for your firm to devote adequate time and resources toward cultivating a strong Facebook presence. Law firm marketing, at this point, is inseparable from Facebook’s tools.

Facebook provides you with a wide-reaching platform to appeal to potential customers before they even search for your firm. Likewise, by utilizing Facebook’s marketing infrastructure, you can catapult your brand from obscurity to relevance.

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Facebook Advertising

Advertising using Facebook for lawyers primarily operates through paid advertising with a host of options to optimize your audience. The cost of your ad spend can fluctuate a great deal depending on the type of audience you target. You create ads, set a budget, and sit back as your ads appear to thousands of potential clients in your area.

Your ads will be targeted based on location, profile information, and demographics. Facebook’s targeting options allow you to optimize these parameters to laser focus your efforts on those who have an interest in hiring a lawyer near you.

However, it’s still important to ensure your ads link to relevant landing pages or Facebook lead forms. For example, if your ad mentions personal injury law, your link should send them to your personal injury page and not just your homepage. The closer your link matches what you’re advertising, the more likely clients will stay and interact with your service and ultimately request a legal consultation with your firm.

Facebook Retargeting

Using a unique code tied to your website and Facebook business page, Facebook allows you to retarget ads to those who have clicked onto your site before, engaged with your page or even watched part of a video you posted. Facebook’s ad system pulls vital information about visitors’ demographics, whether a user has clicked through to your site before, and their interests.

Retargeting and narrowing down demographic specifics allows you to tailor further and augment your marketing strategy, evolving your law firm marketing strategy as you accrue more information from your potential clients. Overall, retargeting maximizes the number of qualified legal prospects that see your posts, reinforcing your law firm’s brand as the expert in a particular law practice area.


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Optimizing a Facebook Page Builds Law Firm Brand Awareness

Creating a Facebook page for your law firm is another essential step in online marketing. A dedicated Facebook page for lawyers allows you to grow while simultaneously humanizing your firm, organically showcasing your style and personality.

Using some of Facebook’s best practices is a guaranteed way to increase brand relevance. Some of these practices include:

  • Using high-fidelity images, videos, and GIFs
  • Utilizing your best, most engaging copy, coupled with strong CTAs
  • Modify your posts to fit your target audience best

Whether you utilize a social media team or handle your posts in-house, you need to include smooth, well-edited media to engage with a broader audience. Poor image quality will only net you losses, as clients tend to avoid sites that seem low-quality. Use Facebook’s ad manager to create and monitor ads. That way, you can pinpoint what works and what needs some work.

Get Help Building a Comprehensive Facebook Marketing Plan For Law Firms

If your law firm needs a little extra help diving into the social media arena, reach out to our experts at Legal Marketing Pros today. We will set you up with strategies, tools, and resources that will quickly build your social media presence.

Once you’ve garnered a stellar Facebook following, your firm will see the growth it deserves. Facebook for lawyers is perhaps the best way you can change the direction of your brand’s image. Call (941) 404-1370 today or request a free discovery call below.

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