No matter what your area of legal expertise, blogging can be a great way to improve your legal marketing efforts. Blogging is an easy and low-cost strategy that offers many benefits for lawyers. It’s a simple way to connect with potential clients, create unique content that will increase search engine rankings, and establish thought leadership in the legal space. In this post we explore how you can use a blog to help boost your legal marketing efforts.

The best blogs are those which offer valuable information or advice on topics related to your practice area or industry – but blogging doesn’t have to be limited solely by these guidelines! As long as you’re providing insight into something of value from your perspective as a lawyer, it’s worth considering whether you should start up a blog to share it.

Why a Blog Helps Legal Marketing?

Blogging can be a great way to improve your legal marketing efforts for several reasons:

Boosting SEO Rankings – One of the best ways that blogging can help lawyers is by improving their search engine rankings (SERPs). Posts on interesting topics relevant to your practice area, such as bankruptcy or employment law are more likely to rank higher when legal clients are searching for legal advice.

Valuable Content – Lawyers who produce valuable content through their blog are often perceived as industry experts in their field, which is an important way to establish credibility with potential legal clients.  For example, a personal injury lawyer blog could detail large awards or a bankruptcy lawyer’s blog could detail what you get to keep if you file a chapter 7 case.

Establishing Thought Leadership – Blogging also establishes your firm as a leader in legal thought and creates opportunities for you to shape opinion. If you can contribute significantly to the discussion surrounding legal issues and challenges, it will build trust and rapport with legal consumers and leave a lasting impression.

Creating Original Content

Blogging requires original content that is both informative and helpful, so legal marketing agencies typically take one of two approaches: either they hire a dedicated blogger or create original material for their existing team of lawyers to publish content on a weekly basis. The latter option is the most common, because legal marketers know that when lawyers are responsible for their own legal marketing – they understand what works and what doesn’t.

Make it Easy to Share

One of the best things you can do to improve your blog’s reach is ensure that each post has social sharing buttons so legal consumers can easily share your content with others. It’s also important to choose a topic name which will encourage legal consumers to link back or reference your blog in other contexts. You should also “link out” to external sources that help bolster both your credibility and theirs!

Sharing Legal Marketing Content

Legal Marketing Needs Blog Content

Blogging is a great legal marketing strategy for lawyers to improve their lead generation efforts. Having a blog with content that is easily shareable and offers helpful legal advice will help you build rapport with legal consumers, establish thought leadership in your field, and boost your search engine rankings among other legal marketers. In addition to improving your legal marketing, blogging.  If you found this article helpful, you may be interested in reading more digital marketing tips on law firm marketing strategies blog.