Many bankruptcy lawyers are unaware of the benefits that local SEO and social media marketing can have on their debt relief practice. In this blog, learn how to use local SEO and Facebook Ads to grow your practice, double your Chapter 7 bankruptcy leads and increase your firm’s overall revenue.

Bankruptcy Leads Grow With Your Google Map Impressions

Both the use of social media and local SEO tactics are important for many reasons, but most importantly because it increases a law firm’s chance of being found by potential clients in a geographic target area. There are a number of legal marketing strategies we implement such as content marketing, authority link building and Facebook advertising that have historically resulted in a strong ROI.

By writing blog posts about different types of bankruptcies, you will be able to increase your clientele through search engine optimization. Social media marketing is another great way to promote yourself as an expert in the bankruptcy field while connecting with potential clients and other attorneys who might not know about you yet.

Marketing Ideas For Bankruptcy Attorneys

Both social media and Google Map optimization can be used as a lead generator for bankruptcy attorneys. If you’re looking for new techniques that can help your business grow, it is important to use an omnipresence strategy on both organic search and use of YouTube and Facebook to position yourself as the expert in your local area who can make debts go away, stop foreclosures and even discharge tax liens and equity lines through cramdowns and lien strips.

SEO For Bankruptcy Lawyers

It is important to have a bankruptcy lawyer’s website rank on the first page of Google, but it is even more critical for bankruptcy attorneys to have a strong online presence that can be seen by potential clients who are within a certain distance from their office.

Using local SEO tactics such as writing blog posts and creating videos takes your bankruptcy law practice to another level. Video blogging, for example, is not only an inexpensive way to increase your bankruptcy clients, but also a good way to be seen as an authority in the industry.

Leveraging Debt Relief Videos & YouTube For Google Ranking


Also, bankruptcy informational videos can be used as a way to rank for key bankruptcy phrases on Google. For bankruptcy lawyers, the top of the first page of search results are extremely valuable because people often will not click past the first few pages of results– if your bankruptcy law site is not on the first page of Google, you are missing out.

With a strong YouTube Thumb Nail, and compelling story telling, lawyers can often be seen in the Google results with their video indexed in addition to their website. The best part is that videos have a higher click through rate then basic listings. You can also embed YouTube into your website, which sends media signals to Google and can help your bankruptcy website move up in the rankings.

Increased Bankruptcy Leads

Social Media Marketing Helps Generate Bankruptcy Leads

There are also a number of bankruptcy attorney